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my work isn’t just focused on the body, but also how we can use its language as a support system to inform our ways of thinking into our everyday understanding.


as a certified movement analyst (CMA), i use the LMA and Bartenieff principles to analyze patterns in moving bodies in diverse contexts to discover:

1. How does movement support our understandings of ourselves and others?

2. What are the effects of movement on people and how do these effects reveal the significance of body movement in art, science, and beyond?​

more on laban movement anaylsis

laban movement analysis (LMA) is a theoretical and experiential system for the observation, description, prescription, performance, and interpretation of human movement. 

there are four basic ways to describe movement: 

1. body- what is moving

2. effort- why its moving 

3. shape- where its moving 

4. space- how its moving

certified movement analysis (cma) consulting

* offering insight to companies and organizations on ways to bring a sense of embodiment to their mission statements 

* promoting innovative insight and inspire a sense of embodiment in companies that are focused solely on quantitive data. 

apart from offering an added dimension to data analysis, i also use this framework in the film production space to provide assistance as a creative consultant with a unique perspective.

want to know more?

the world is always moving, from our bodies' cells to the earth's soil.

movement is our first language, our underlying pattern--

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