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zoe eisenberg - analyst | therapist | scout

Zoe is a Certified Movement Analyst, Registered Dance/Movement Therapist, and casting scout student living and learning in New York. Trained at the Laban Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, she focuses on movement integration, and conveys the ‘what,’ ‘where,’ ‘why,’ and ‘how’ of any human motion. Zoe uses the system as a framework for understanding the structural, spatial, rhythmic, shape and dynamic components in human movement for observation, synthesis, and analysis. From the micro to the macro, from the individual to the universal experience. As a dance/movement therapist, Zoe is interested in the ethics of bodily care, the non duality of medicine and art, embodied trauma-informed care, and research and training. 


Zoe draws inspiration from human developmental patterns, as well as spatial configurations and patterns that exist in and outside the body: a nexus between inner and outer harmony.

"i'm fascinated with how individuals move in relation to their sense of self and environment. i look at spatial patterns in the body which correlate with developmental patterns, constantly shifting from birth into adulthood and so on. when you begin to understand the patterning of a given context or environment, you can start making smarter decisions that are aligned with your truest embodied being."

"as an embodiment consultant, my goal is to open companies' hearts to the reality that movement is our underlying pattern and to bring a sense of three-dimensionality to ideas and conversations."


May 2018

Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies - Brooklyn, NY

Certified Movement Analyst

May 2017

University of Maryland - College Park, MD

Bachelor of Arts, Individual Studies: Expressive Movement Therapy


Expected May 2023

Pratt Institute

M.A Dance/Movement Therapy

May 2018

Carriage Birth House

Certified Birth Doula 


Research Assistant - Tel Aviv

Presently assists an American/Israeli grant study focusing on the correlation between personality and movement patterns


Freelance Production and Casting Assistant - Tel Aviv, New York

  • JV8 

  • People-File


Dance/Movement Therapy Intern

  • Currently a pilot dance movement therapist at Park Terrace, a cognitive rehabilitation center for individuals with traumatic brain injury responsible for establishing a creative arts therapy program

  • Develops effective lines of  communication rooted in somatic theory between various therapeutic departments

  • Introduces and leads individuals and groups in appropriate movement based exercises

Summer 2019

Assistant Faculty Member, Laban Institute of Movement Studies

  • Assistant faculty member in the Laban Studies Israel modular program with students from all over the world

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